One of the youngest of Blanka’s horses, born in the beginning of 2016, a stallion of the Pure Sangue Lusitano breed is the son of the world famous Gotan, the best in doma libertad, whose talents can be appreciated during impressive showcases. Mago, more massive than his father, he inherited his best qualities.

This beautiful chestnut with an uncommon, fair mane and tail draw attention to itself. He is honoured with a Prophet’s Thumb, a mystical hollow, which is considered to be a distinguishing mark for all the eminent steeds. This horse has the ‘a class’- he’s sensitive to human touch, he learns fast and is outstandingly brave. Moreover, he is characterised with a chispa, which is a high level of expression and so called electricity, he reacts vividly to even smoothest touch.

As a young horse, only now he is starting his training in natural riding, acquiring some basis of ground work. He has accepted a rider already, that happened with no complications. Despite his young age, Mago is unbelievably mature and able to focus on work. Therefore, the beginnings of his training seems to be very promising. We all cannot wait to see how he grows and whether he is going to equal his father.

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