El Chocolate

El Chocolate is an impressive Puro Sangue Lusitano (pure Lusitano blood) stallion with a rare colour, which is his distinguishing mark. He is a real white raven- silver-black colour, deep like dark chocolate with a fair mane. El Chocolate was born in 2009 in Spain, where he constantly undergoes intensive training.

What sets the chocolate stallion apart from others is his unusual, muscular, arched, strong neck; wide chest; clearly outlined withers; strong legs and very luxuriant mane and tail. Despite the fact that he is slightly bigger and heavier than other PRE horses, his quality of movement is not any worse. His steps are towering and elegant, he has got a natural ease working collectively, he is manoeuvrable and energetic. He copes perfectly with alta escuela, already performing some of its figures, moreover quickly absorbing some of the horse tricks.

However, El Chocolate is a hard nut to crack due to his exceptional intelligence and dominant character. Not many people are able to tame his explosive temper, therefore the decision about the purchase was very hard. At last, it was his presence, proportional build, flexibility, expression and exceptional movement that took over and convinced me. This horse is a natural born star! He does not need to do anything and he draws attention and looks, not allowing anyone to forget him. Not to mention that hypnotising look… El Chocolate looks like he really has nothing to lose. One cannot pass by a horse like him without being in awe.

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