Over the last few years, we have carefully refined our asylum, which is the royal stable in Sanlucar de Barrameda , to be able to invite you to a fairy-tale world Dinsey! This is an amazing opportunity for adventurers, riders who want to train at the highest level and amateur riders who dream of experiencing a real adventure. In a word, we invite everyone who, like us, has a passion and enthusiasm for work!

"Royal Stable of Blanka Satora Horse Show" is an unusual place on the map of Andalusia. Located 5 km from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, the royal stable where the French prince used to keep his mounts, right next to his palace, is a space where dreams and reality intertwine, so it is impossible to distinguish between them. We cultivate here not only the exquisite and elite in many respects Spanish Riding School, but also bridleless - riding without a bridle, or natural horsemanship - working with a horse in total connection.

For many years, he has been traveling from all over the world, coming to training days to train their skills on backs of Andalusian stallions trained to the level of Grand Prix. These beautiful creatures are completely safe for young riding amateurs as well as for the more experienced ones. Here you will learn difficult figures of classic dressage, exotic elements of HSJ (Spanish walk, jambett or levada), horse tricks and rules of working with horses in the spirit of natural riding.

Excursions along the Atlantic Ocean and the Andalusian countryside are an extraordinary attraction for the participants of the Masterclass in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The unique atmosphere that accompanies it is second to none!

During exclusive equestrian clinics, participants can stay in the "Residence of Blanka Satora", which is located in the heart of Jerez de la Frontera - a city just 20 minutes by car from the royal stables. This town is famous for sherry (which in Arabic means Jerez) and Andalusian horses. Within its walls there is an elite school of equestrian art "Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre" , where professors such as Rafael Soto (silver medalist 2004 Olympic Games - Athens) train horses and riders at the highest world level. Every year, riders from all over the world come to Jerez to celebrate the beauty of the Andalusian horse during the Feria de Caballo - the only festival of this type where the main fiddle and the uniqueness of the Spanish horse are played. But man does not live by horses alone! The racetrack, which is also located here, was built in 1986 and a year later hosted the world championship for the first time.

The residence is located in the most traditional part of the city, surrounded by walls that bear witness to the antiquity of the region. There is a saying that the real Jerezanos came from this part, even before the city grew to a large size.

In "Residence of Blanka Satora Horse Show" there is an artistic atmosphere conducive to creative thinking. The walls are decorated with works by artists from the Academy of Fine Arts, the interiors are decorated in a glamorous style combined with traditional aspects of old Spanish houses. The 200 kg crystal chandeliers imported from the palace in Sanlúcar de Barrameda add to the uniqueness. On 400 m2 there are 6 bedrooms, which together provide 10 beds. The kitchen is fully equipped, and 3 bathrooms provide adequate space and no queues during an exclusive stay on a Spanish vacation. In addition, there is a lounge for joint meetings and a 300 m2 VIP area on the roof of the residence, where a relaxation area has been arranged for the participants. Masterclass participants can enjoy drinks on comfortable sofas, under a canopy that protects against the warm Spanish sun, and watch the lively life in the main streets of Jerez de la Frontera.