Come on holiday to Jerez!

Dołącz do nas! 04-11.05.2024 Feria del Caballo w Jerez de la Frontera!

The most important holiday in Andalusia, awaited all year round, is the Feria de Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera, which takes place every May and lasts a whole week! The modern feria is mainly horses and flamenco. In the past, it was the annual animal fair. At this time, there are also morphological competitions of Andalusian horses for the title of Spanish champion. It is also common to see… a bull under a saddle.

Decorative holiday gates are characteristic, symbolizing the festive time and distinguishing a given city. There is always one idea: a week of fun in the Spanish fashion, a week consolidating what is associated with Spanish in the world. A traditional and one-of-a-kind week. Something that Andalusia's northern Spain envies. This is a very special time, as if taken out of everyday life, from the usual rhythm of matters and duties. Nobody is worried about work and school then. The city is depopulated. Everyone gathers in one place, which can be seen and heard from a distance thanks to the beautiful play of lights and intricately prepared, multi-colored constructions made especially for this occasion. This Christmas scenery gives the holiday a characteristic, unique look.

You can see beautifully decorated white tents, the so-called casettes, with unique names, such as criadores del caballos, or horse breeders' tent. In the tents you can eat such dishes as a bull's tail or paella, drink beer, homemade wine or rebujito (the local mojito). You can also dance. Of course, there are also water sprinklers, which create a pleasant water mist that brings coolness and refreshment to both riders and horses, for which casettes are also prepared, but slightly higher. The music varies according to tastes and preferences, largely local, rooted in Andalusian culture. So you can hear sevillians, but also house and pop. Everyone will find something for himself!

The effort of organizing the event extends throughout the year, and the holiday itself is an endeavor of tedious and intense work. When spring approaches, Andalusia only talks about the upcoming winter break. The main attractions are undoubtedly the horses and beautifully dressed riders. You can watch them from morning to evening on all days of the week. Horse costumes and row are divided into two styles: alta escuela and doma vaquera. Women riding on the rump are welcome. Many ladies come to the winter holidays in a women's saddle. On the last day, there is a competition for the best rider, the best amazon in a women's saddle and the best couple of holidays.

You can get on the holiday by special buses that run throughout the city throughout the day, but you can only cross the gate on foot, on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage. It is forbidden to move in other vehicles. Women in ruffled dresses, guitars, designed and sewn especially for the occasion, sit sideways on the rump of horses. The cost of such a dress is usually not less than a thousand euros, and you still need to count various accessories and valuables. Hairdressing is also artful, a woman must have a special Spanish bun. Of course, it is not appropriate to show up in the same styling two years in a row.

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Come to Jerez for a holiday and experience the Andalusian fairy tale from a different perspective! This is a one-of-a-kind event that will remain a beautiful memory forever.

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