A real prince who owes his name to his royal looks. He is only 4 (born in 2015) but he already amazes and promises well! To start with, his palomino (very rare for Pura Raza Espanola) colour as well as exceptionally luxuriant mane and tail, really draws attention. In his veins, flows blood from the best horses from the most prestigious Yeguada Paco Marti’s stable that specialises in coloured Andalusian horses. His father is the famous Revoltoso XXIX. Prince himself was born in the stable of a well-known toreador, therefore he also received the gift of the genes belonging to the bravest horses fighting in the arena. His inborn bravery and lion-heart are going to be a great trump, especially during shows which are full of stressful moments.

His outstanding and expressive movement predisposes him to the higher riding school (alta escuela). This horse has in himself a natural will to dance, unbelievable ease of movement in piaffe and passage and what’s more- an incredible will to work with a human! Prince is characterised by the lightness of his movement which brings to mind the image of a feather, humming bird fluttering his wings or a ballet dancer… When seeing the ‘dancing’ Prince, it is hard to believe he weighs a half tonne! He has got slender legs, which bounce back from the ground with the lightness of a ball and give him a lot of grace. Let’s add the beautiful golden sparkling hair, fairylike mane and we have a real princess’ steed, a walking beauty.

None of the other of Blanka’s horses learn as fast as him. One could say they swear he guesses human’s wishes, instantly acquiring new elements and figures- both alta escuela and the horse tricks. In a flash, he learnt levade and sitting which tend to be very difficult for other mounts. Even the hardest figures, he manages to perform with the lightness and grace of a little parrot.

Jeden z najbardziej ujeżdżonych koni. Jego umiejętności są zadziwiające! Wykonuje cały wachlarz końskich sztuczek: uśmiech, podnoszenie przedmiotów, siadanie, kładzenie się, ukłon na zgiętych jak i wyprostowanych nogach. Jeśli chodzi o Wyższą Szkołę to nie pozostaje w tyle! Potrafi przepiękny piaff, pasaż, stęp hiszpański jak i najtrudniejsze  elementy takie jak corveta, levada, posada.  Ponad to wspaniale radzi sobie z Doma Natura – jazdą naturalnie bez użycia ogłowia, ani siodła. To prawdziwy brylant!

However, one needs to manage him wisely as he can ‘get offended’ or even upset when our expectations towards him are too high in his opinion. This young stallion demands sensitivity and spacial awareness, to not kill his natural pursuit to meet human’s expectations and needs. Surely, we will hear about this one soon!

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