All 4 books by Blanka Satora


All 4 books by Blanka Satora

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The "Spanish Riding School" trilogy is an encyclopedia of this exclusive art of equestrianism, which I have carefully refined for 12 years! It contains both technical tips and numerous metaphors, beautiful photos of the world's leading photographers, all in order to be able to fully experience the amazing HSJ style that is unparalleled! The first part is a kind of introduction, introducing the reader to the equestrian styles cultivated in Spain, professional nomenclature, as well as extraordinary holidays that can only be seen in the south - in Andalusia. It is also a trip to the most interesting places where we can admire the genius of the PRE horse. The second volume focuses more on the practical aspects, explaining how to properly lead the horse from zero to the Grand Prix level. After analyzing this part, no figure will have any secrets from you! The last item that closes the exclusive cycle - TOM III is the essence of the Spanish Riding School, cream de la cream, the most difficult figures shrouded in legend, carefully refined through years of hard and systematic exercises. Only the most persistent get to this level!

However, if you would like to diversify your trainings with unconventional methods of building a bond, I heartily recommend "Horse Tricks", which inform the reader in a simple and transparent way how to build a deep bond with the horse and work on mutual understanding using interesting tricks. KS will work for every rider who values ​​interesting solutions, as well as a variety of traditional training.

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