Escudero VII PRE

A gray stallion Pura Raza Española, born in 2003 in Spain. Escudero comes from the line of Andalusian horses performing in the shows of Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre. This horse was specially chosen for Blanka by the professors of the Royal Andalusian Riding School in Jerez. Escudero is a real caballo artistawith what Spaniards call a ‘spark’.

Escudero is an unbelievably versatile horse. His specific traits are expressive, beautiful and elegant movements, as well as a wonderful character. The high school of riding in his performance is breathtaking. This is where, he can fully spread his wings. His ease of comprehension, helps him to master the most difficult elements, which can be impossible for other horses to achieve. Moreover, the typical PRE horse silhouette with a short ridge allows him to learn very difficult figures like pirouettes, passage and piaffe which for horses of this breed makes him very close to the ideal.

Escudero VII always and everywhere is looking for an excuse to enact some of the expression that resides within him. He manages to unite within himself a hot temper and a very rare gentleness and obedience. He is a horse that is able to open up to a human and try to find a common understanding. No challenges seem scary to him- on regular basis, he takes part in shows, photo sessions and music video clips ( he was a real star at Cleo’s ‘Zabiorę nas’), and still, next day during training, he patiently and with understanding introduces beginners into the riding secrets.

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Escuadero on the set of Cleo’s videoclip.

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