The young cruzado stallion with a beautiful chestnut colour and a white spot on the head is the only member of Blanka Satora Stud's herd with Arab blood flowing in his veins. In Spain, horses of this type are used for a very difficult and demanding equestrian discipline - Dom Vaquera, which gave origin to Western.

Caramelo is the son of the multiple champion Abha Otman and the grandson of the multiple world champion stallion Khidar. His mother is the beautiful mare Castellana, one of the main pillars of Blanka Satora Stud. Blue blood flows in Caramelo's veins, marked by his above-average ancestors.

His delicate body is crowned with strong hooves and a typically contoured, delicate head, set on a beautiful neck, which is a characteristic feature of Spanish horses mixed with pure Arabian horses. Caramelo inherited outstanding motor skills from his father, as well as a well-built, well-proportioned body and a hardworking character. He is still very young, but one cannot deny that he has good balance and symmetry of movement. His character is bold, but not intrusive. He is not afraid of humans or accompanying dogs, eagerly seeks contact with them and clearly wants to become part of the herd, which is a very desirable feature that gives many opportunities during the training process.

Caramelo will amaze everyone, and for now he is still enjoying his childhood time devoted to proper growth and learning basic behaviours while grooming.

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