Trening Twojego Konia

A perfectly broken-in, willing to work and reactive to the most subtle signals horse is the dream of every rider. However, getting a horse to that level is a very tough, time-consuming and experience- demanding art. Therefore, it is worth drawing on the experience of a professional and giving a horse in to training from Blanka Satora. She has been gaining the theoretical and practical knowledge of training horses for years, practicing under the watchful eye of the greatest Spanish riding masters, amongst others the famous Rafael Soto, Olympic medalist in dressage, but most importantly, training and breeding horses herself, facing their varied tempers and characters.

When working with horses, Blanca has always believed in building bonds based on trust and respect for the natural instincts of these mystical and sensitive animals. Thanks to her unconventional approaches towards trainings and the application of closely guarded secrets from the Spanish riding masters, she manages to successfully introduce the young horses into the world of Spanish School and its most difficult elements. All of her saddle-horses she trained herself and the effects of it you can admire at the Blanka Satora Horse Shows which have gained great popularity and recognition.

Any horse can be given in for training, regardless of their skills level or difficulties they have. Blanca- as a certified vet- takes loving care of all the animals, making sure they are doing alright and with her great involvement, that all possible health issues are spotted immediately. The horses in training stay in the royal stables in Sanlucar de Barrameda in Andalusia, where Blanca lives and trains daily. The hooves are taken care of by the best blacksmith from the Royal Riding School in Jerez and the daily chores and maintenance are provided by experienced and friendly stable boys. What amounts to the training is not only regular rides and ground work but also instilling respect for humans and good behaviour (in the case of young or disobedient horses). Moreover, there are many interesting and unique ways and conditions in which the horses are being trained like: frequent excursions (eg. on the beach, off road) or practicing in presence of other saddle-horses. Which as a result, gives even the most skittish horses the chance to gain their confidence and ability to focus on their rider in all kinds of situations. Specific objectives and conditions are arranged individually to the wish of the owner and the needs of the animal taken into consideration.

Places are highly limited, all information can be gained by sending an email to:

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