Royal Horse-Riding Clinics with Juan Jose Verdugo

Since 2011 we have had the honour of hosting the world class trainer Juan Jose Verdugo from the Higher Royal Riding School „Fundacion Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre“ in Jerez de la Frontera. Juan has been coming to cyclical clinics taking place all around Poland. These satisfying, 2 or 3 day-long workshops take place once or twice a year and we have already organised 8 programs.

Juan takes care of the dressage training for Grand Prix horses at the Real Escuela (Royal Riding School). He works cheek to cheek with Olympic medalists in dressage. He has trained dozens of horses to this level and nowadays, the future Royal School’s pupils practice in his stable. He is a person who can find ways to communicate with EVERY horse, he is constantly searching for individual approaches, things that can come to others with difficulty are easy and obvious to him. Apart from year-long practiced techniques, Juan has incredible instincts that run in the blood of the best Spanish riders. This is something very difficult to acquire and it is a case of nature and nurture, however it is exactly why he can tell what exercises are suited for each horse of a certain temper and character in order to reach the top. Additionally, Juan is also into different, traditional to Spanish, styles of riding. Besides the traditional dressage, there is a style called “doma vaquera“ or “la garrocha” which in the past was used to work with cattle. It reminds viewers a lot of western riding and it actually is what today’s western riding derives from (Spanish version with a typical costume and clothes), as well as higher-level, Alta Escuela with its elements and figures demanding lifting like levade or pesade or flying figures as ballotade or capriole. Juan, as a professor of the Royal school, prepares the horses and the riders for competitions and shows. As the Real Escuela representative, he is an international pioneer of the Spanish Riding School and therefore, he sets the standards and examplar in this style.

Next upcoming workshops are going to take place on on the grounds of Wroclaw Racecourse in Partynice, Zwycięzka St. 2, 53-033, Wroclaw.  For all the rhetoric inquires about the lectures, training and the trainer himself please direct to Blanka Satora, mobile.: 660 38 77 84

When the booking is confirmed, please make the payment from a bank account.

Price list:

  • participation in the workshops with a horse – 2000zl (3 trainings with Juan, horse stall for the horse for 3 days, participation in the lecture)
  • Participation in the workshops as a listener – 300zl

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