Born in 2014 this Pura Raza Espanola stallion has a very rare colour for this breed- perlino (colloquially the colour like this in Spain is called Albinos). Another of his unique characteristic is his so called Prophet’s thumb, some characteristic hollows on its neck. Due to the legend, Mahomet signed with a finger print 5 of his best mares, which despite their terrible thirst after not drinking for days, they would always turn away from the path to the watering-hole once they heard the sound of the horn and come running to him. This legend is fascinating because the animals appear to regard humans as higher than their own instincts to fulfil their needs. The blow of the horn meant a call to fight. All the other horses would not even turn their heads around while those five chosen would decide to support their master in war. They were ready to pay for their faithfulness with their lives. Steeds bearing that mark are considered to be their descendants, outstanding animals and therefore, valued as real treasure. It really is true ! Some other of Blanka’s horses have Phophet’s thumbs, however Zafiro has as many as two of them, on both sides of his neck. On of them is surprisingly big, nearly of a size of a fist, which may be the reason why it is him who leaves all the other horses behind, shining out like a diamond in the rough.

Zafiro is an exceptional horse in all its aspects and so is the story of his purchase. When searching together with a Spanish master of saddle-horses, Blanka encountered this young stallion totally by chance. It was enough for him to simply stick his head out of the box and look at them to make it clear he was going home with them. This is how amazing is the impression he makes when looking at people- an alert, concentrated, positive and wise glance, which is so demanded in horsemanship where the horse needs to be absolutely focused on the human.

And so, the master was right! Nowadays, Zafiro, with his harmonious, baroque build and amazing movement, is the best out of the whole league when it comes to dome natural. This is definitely his speciality! He has got a fabulous character, never getting upset, but always respecting people and being extremely friendly. Moreover, he has got the chispa which means he is full of expression and he loves showing off. Zafiro will do everything to please a human, therefore it is important to gradually increase the demands towards him so as not to ask too much from him at once. He performs the horse tricks without a problem, doing them from his own will. He is a horse that always follows Blanka with his eyesight as soon as she crosses the threshold to the stable. We foresee a spectacular future for him and we cannot wait for his first shows!

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