Insolito in Spanish means ‘unusual, different than others’ and that is exactly how this Puro Sangue Lusitano stallion is. His name also consists of the word ‘sol’ meaning ‘sun’, which perfectly suits his golden colour. Born in 2008, in Spain, beautiful Insolito differs from others because of his colouration. These kind of fair horses are colloquially called ‘albinos’, however in reality he is just perlino- a white horse with reddish mane and tail and unusual eyes with a blue iris. The search for a horse of this colour but also wonderful, expressive movements; stage personality; the desired baroque build as well as round barrel and noble legs lasted for 2 long years! It was all worth the wait.

Goldie is the best behaved out of all Blanka’s horses. In the stable and during daily maintenance work he never causes any problems. He is very delicate and sensitive, demands subtlety from his rider in giving instructions and signals. For two years, he has constantly been in training in Spain which has brought amazing results. Amongst others, Insolito is already familiar with working on long reins and the trick Fantasia (elements of alte escuela done under the rider in the rhythm of music) holds no secrets from him anymore. This quick- witted stallion is also learning the horse tricks, which you many enjoy watching very soon.

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